Flexible PVC Compound

PVC Compound For Footwear

Longcheng offer a wide range of PVC granule for shoes and shoe soles are available in beautiful colours & Hardness.Our range is widely used for manufacturing shoe soles & uppers and foam soles as per the client’s requirements.
The application for Safety Shoes soles, Shoes soles,Rainy Shoes & Sandeles, Floaters, Kiddy soles,Gum Boots,straps etc…We offer customization & special formulation as per requirement with assurance of quality and services.

PVC Compound For Sealing Strip

Longcheng has been producing pvc granule matching company’s requirements and International standarts for the pvc, aliminum, and wooden siding and system seals, refrigerator seals, seals and filters used in otomotive secfor, window system seals, imperviousness seals, distilation seals. 

PVC Compound For Garden Hose

Correct address for the pvc granule production which is suitable for different usage purposes of hose sector is Longcheng Plasit. Formulas, which are at different colors, heat resistance and desired hardness values, has been developed. Machine and requirements of porductibn process, in which PVC granule to be used, are taken into consideration during formulation, too. PVC granule is used to produce kinds of garden watering hoses.

PVC Compound For Plugs

Longcheng Plastic offers a variety of benefits for electrical molded products like plugs, and connectors.Longcheng Plastic molding grades exhibit high flow for improved moldability, range in hardness from 60 to 90 Shore A, and are available in custom colors. These grades are free of flame retardants and halogen, are RoHS and REACH SVHC compliant. This pvc compound has a rubber-like appearance and feel and remain flexible over a wide temperature range.

PVC Compound For Hose & Tube

For hose and tube applications, Longcheng Plasit offers high-performing interior grade PVC compounds that can be used as a stiffening layer in flexible hose and tube applications. They provide a wide processing window and excellent impact resistance. Designed for the extrusion process, they are available in pellet  form in a wide range of colors.

PVC Compound For Furniture

Longcheng Plastics offers interior grade RPVC compounds that are ideal for furniture applications. Highly versatile, these granule can be used as stand-alone compounds or as structural substrates, along with capstock, in two-part systems. Either way, our interior grade RPVC compounds provide a wide processing window and excellent impact resistance. Designed for the extrusion process, they are available in pellet or powder form in a wide range of colors.

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High Quality, Custom Formulated soft PVC Compound 

Lcpvc is a family of high-quality, soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compound, custom formulated to your requirements. We've been developing PVC compound since 1965 and continue to engineer new solutions to address current and emerging market demands. 

Lcpvc Key Properties

  • Hardness range from 50 Shore A to 95 Shore A

  • Free of heavy metals and PAHs

  • Food contact grades

  • Non phthalate plasticizer

  • All compounds are DEHP free

  • Conform to EN 71/3 for toys

  • Good UV resistance and weather proofing

  • Crystal clear, translucent, natural or colour compounded grades

  • Foamed grades up to a density of 0.45g/cm3

  • Antistatic and conductive grades available

  • Polymer blends

  • Easy to process via injection moulding and extrusion


Typical Applications

  • Toys

  • Footwear

  • Glazing profiles

  • Construction gaskets

  • Hoses

  • Handles & grips 


Non Phthalate and DEHP Free Grades 

To address consumer concerns over the potential health and environmental risks of certain plasticizers used in the manufacture of PVC compound, we have developed the Lcpvc range to include several non phthalate alternatives.

This helps our customers to comply with tightening regulations governing the use of phthalates. Particularly in the toy and childcare market, where non phthalate compounds have become the industry standard in response to directives such as EU 2005/84/EC.

We work with a number of raw materials and plasticizers to give the best performance / cost ratio while always keeping in compliance with the different levels of phthalate use. This includes DEHP free PVC as well as grades that are considered low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Foamed PVC

For footwear and shoe sole applications we have developed several grades of foamed Lcpvc PVC. They are foamed up to a density of 0.65g/cm3. With extrusion processing densities up to 0.45g/cm3. We also offer grades with no chemical blowing agents which can be processed at temperatures up to 195°C. They also have a very fine cell structure.


Antistatic, Conductive & Flame Retardant Grades

The Lcpvc  range includes antistatic and conductive PVC grades. Designed to dissipate electrical charges where EMI or static buildup could cause interference. We also offer flame retardant PVC granule which comply with RoHS regulations.

PVC Blends

By blending nitrile rubber (NBR) or other polymers, such as thermoplastic polyurethane, we have created PVC granule with very elastic properties. Our PVC blends also allow us to modify very specific properties such as abrasion and chemical resistance.

Standard Quality and Flexible PVC Compound at an Affordable Price


Tongxiang Longcheng offers for PVC efficiently designs the PVC Wall Panel under the supervision of experienced professionals. These days, the wide range of the companies is offering the PVC so you can choose the best place to purchase the high-quality compound at the affordable price. It exists in different household products such as clothing, toys and much more. The PVC electrically qualified and carefully manufactures in our site. Our experts are highly-qualified and experienced in this field so they provide the exclusive provides to our valuable clients. We have years of experience in the field so we provide the affordable and effective products to everyone. Our flexible PVC compound has unique features such as temperature stabilization, high abrasion resistance, stain resistance, cold crack and much more. This flexible PVC compound very high performance, high quality, and reasonable rate of finance instructions. The entire products are widely used in a manufacturing process and allow the customers to get high-quality PVC foils forever.

  • High-quality raw material 

  • Affordable price 

  • Use of latest technology 

  • Focus on the production field of PVC leather 

  • The total quality management system 

  • Offering 100% finished products and others 

Made with most extreme exactness, the range can likewise be offered in customized plans to meet the particular inclinations of the customers. High on feel and utility, the range is generally refreshing for its ideal space use that facilitates the client in cooking and doing other kitchen works.  International quality standard PVC gives you more stylish look with more number of features that is suitable for more advantage. We assure you that the beautiful and size based also the suitable compound for your resistance will be presented in the affordable range and meet the standard quality.  The flexible PVC compound is one of the best models and maintains the services for long time purpose.  Moreover, this standard PVC compounds are working at the all possible solutions as well a customized length of your fundamental requirements.

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