The Difference Between PVC Granules And PVC Powder.

PVC Powder is the mainly raw material for the PVC products.And it is the pure powder without any additive.while the PVC Granules is the one which normally add the stabilizer and other additives.It means you can use the granules into the machine to produce the plastic products directly without anything.

The difference from between the PVC powder and PVC granules is that the PVC powder is the main raw material of the PVC granules which is over 65% in the formula of making the PVC granules.It is the cheapest material in the formula.And anothe

r 35% is the other materials.Their price is much more expensive while excepting the CaCo3.Though the proportion of the mass is little,while the proportion of the price of them is higher.

Of course ,the different quality requirements and different price of the raw materials will cause the different price of the PVC granules.

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