Factor Of Bubbles In Plastic PVC Particle Products

Plastic PVC granules are one of the most widely used plastic materials.PVC material is a kind of non-crystalline material.Due to some shortcomings of its own performance, it is often used in practical use to include stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, color materials, anti-impact agents and other additives.The performance of PVC granules after modified injection is better, which is more in line with the standard of industrial production.

PVC granules are widely used in our daily life, which can be used in various fields such as neon lamp, wire products, auto parts, industry and daily necessities.

But we find that many people are still do not know about the PVC granule, such as there are a lot of plastic bubbles appeared in the process of manufacturers in the production of PVC granule, if we do not deal with it, this will seriously affect the quality of the products, now we will introduce factors about it.

1. The high mixing of heat and mixing is not smooth, and the water can't volatilize normally.

2. The host has no vacuum, and the water or other low molecular volatiles cannot be discharged.

3. The raw material is affected by moisture, and the raw materials such as resin and calcium powder can be used to detect whether the volatilization is excessive.

4. Break down to see if there is an uncontrolled temperature of the host and whether the current is biased

PVC granules appear bubbles is unreasonable processing temperature too high or the self-contained rod combination machine friction is too big, make the material, cut machine temperature 5-10 degrees, open the head, all the inside of the foaming PVC cut out, to production, otherwise the performance of the product will not be good.

Injection molding and extruding products have different bubbles.

If the injection molding has air bubbles, generally it is the discharge of the air or the injection speed is too fast, or the back pressure is too high, may also be moisture content.

If it is extruded PVC granules, the surface has air bubbles, one is excessive moisture, the other is plastic aging, and also the reason can be the vacuum pressure is not enough.


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