Factors to be considered in the production of rigid profiles and pipe fittings using PVC compounds

1.hard PVC plastic profile is generally without or with small amount of plasticizer, which will inevitably lead to poor fluidity of pvc. In the process of forming, plastic is required to be in a viscous flow state. In order to make the plastic flow to a certain extent, the molding temperature must be improved. However, there is a limit to the increase of the molding temperature. If the decomposition temperature of the PVC exceeds the plastic, it will not operate properly. Therefore, in the formulation design, we must consider the hard PVC molding temperature and the decomposition temperature close to the characteristics, as far as possible to choose a reasonable formula to make up for this defect.

2.PVC plastic formula, each component has a certain relationship with each other, can not be isolated selection. All factors should be considered in the selection of additives. The physical property indexes considered are not independent change factors, and often influence each other and restrict each other. In order to improve the impact resistance of PVC, it is effective to add rubber or elastic polymers, but it will cause the decrease of modulus, rigidity and heat resistance. For example, in order to improve the heat resistance of PVC, chlorination of PVC can improve the glass transition temperature Tg. However, the melting temperature Tm also increases accordingly, resulting in significant deterioration in processability and flowability.

3. evaluation formula should be based on the physical index of quality products, of course, depends on the product indexes and use different environment and conditions, for example, according to the window frame in indoor and outdoor environment, color, size, physical index required will vary.

4. rigid PVC system compare with other thermoplastic resin, its physical properties and processing properties are influenced by formula of additives, mixing and processing conditions,rigid PVC formula is a very complex and important work. Rigid PVC formula by PVC resin, modifier, stabilizer, lubricant, fillers, etc. more than ten kinds of additive colorant mixed together, choose the type and quantity of different additives, can be assembled into different properties of the formula, it can be inferred from the complexity of the formula.

Therefore, after defined hard PVC plastic properties, is necessary to determine the role of each component in the formula of processing conditions, including the entire system, to make this spend a lot of manpower and resources, so Longcheng plastic for this kind of customer matching design and production to meet such requirements of different properties rigid PVC granule.

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