Why PVC particles can be widely used? Where is the advantage of PVC compounds?

Widely used in the construction industry PVC pipe, PVC tape, PVC toys, PVC wire, PVC plug, PVC injection, PVC container accessories, food and drug packaging color confusion PVC plastic bottles, supermarket PVC bags, a superb collection of beautiful things of the day, here you can see the shadow of PVC compounds with the use of.

The PVC profile is a kind of non crystal material, although due to its inherent function, which in practice is often added stabilizer, lubricant, adjuvant treatment agent, pigment, some defects of impact resistant agent and other additives, but because of the absolute advantage and function of cost, by injection into the mall after darling PVC particle.

PVC material has light, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, simple construction and so on. And its specifications, color, painting complex, decorative strong, can be applied to the interior wall and room decoration ceiling, plastic is the most widely used to guess a decorative material.

Together, the stability of PVC material, good dielectric properties, through the use of aging resistance, easy welding and bonding, it is widely transmitted in the manufacture of plastic pipe, through mixing flexural strength and impact toughness, high elongation, mixing, granulation, pull, extruding or casting molding technology you can easily get to meet the needs of a variety of specifications, which is in the maintenance category used throughout shell very personalized mobile phone.

PVC granules, because it is non-toxic, green environmental protection, known as food grade, food grade PVC environmental protection materials, are widely used in medicine, film and other consumers in close contact with the field of comparative environmental protection materials. When others use PVC particles, and then injected decoration, function more perfect, more suitable for industrial production specifications.

To sum up the advantages of the new PVC plastic materials: mechanical properties of PVC plastic material, good performance, strong acid strength, good chemical stability, but suitable for the production of sheet metal, wire and cable insulation, PVC plug, sealing low softening point. Pieces, toys, shapes, etc..

First of all, with non conductivity: UPVC material can not conduct electricity, but also electrolysis, corrosion current, thus eliminating the need for two processing.

Secondly, the equipment is simple, low-cost, capital: cutting and connecting is very simple, using PVC glue connection proved reliable security, simple operation, low-cost funds.

Third, not burning, itself can prevent burning, no fire scruples.

Fourth, small resistance, flow speed: the inner wall of the lubrication fluid flow loss is small, the interior is not easy to dirt, maintenance is more simple, reduce maintenance costs.

Fifth, through the use of: excellent resistance to weather resistance, bacteria and fungi that can not be degraded.

Sixth, easy molding, simple processing technology.

Seventh, low cost, other engineering plastics PVC has a relatively low price advantage of particles.

Eighth, it can comply with environmental protection RoHS directive, PAHS, EN71-3, REACH, N-P- food and other environmental standards.

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