PVC Compounds for supermarket shelf labels

Applicable to all kinds of co-extrusion production process supermarket shelf labels products, its products are mainly used in various types of high-speed co-extrusion supermarket shelves, labels and other products. Products with better surface gloss and transparency, and SGS environmental certification and SGS physical indicators.

Product characteristics:

Applicable to all kinds of low speed extrusion production process; used for labels on supermarket shelves; has good gloss and weather ability of the product surface, the mold cleaning cycle is long; by detecting SGS environmental certification and SGS physical index.

Product physical index:

Project inspection standard index

Appearance Visual Transparent light blue

Specific gravity (g/cm) GB1033-86 1.30 ~ 1.45

The tensile strength(MPa) GB13022-91 ≥45

Light transmittance% GB2410-80 ≥85

Haze% GB2410-80 ≤4

Volatiles% GB/T2918-1998 ≥0.2

vicat softening point GB/T1633-2000 ≥72

Falling ball impact strength% Q/320206GAH-2002 ≤40

The content of VCM GB/T5009-1996 <1PPM

Product application form:

Specifications main performance

EB - 2071A supermarket shelf labels, CO extruded transparent fabric pellets, its products have better transparency and surface gloss

EB - 2073A high strength fully transparent soft hard coextrusion PVC granule

EB - 2076A supermarket shelves, labels, extrusion, transparent, anti UV fabric, granular material

EB - 207X all types of supermarket shelves, labels, extrusion, transparent base material, and its products can be customized color samples

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