What is PVC Compound

Scientific definition

PVC Compound is the English name for PVC modified material,.

PVC resin is actually powder, can not be used alone, generally modified.

PVC COMPOUND (polyvinyl chloride mixture) is PVC powder. In actual use, stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, pigments, anti shock agents and other additives are added.

In the extrusion process, the general requirements, without granulation. PVC COMPOUND if the resulting particles in use, the effect will be better, because in the granulation process, fully mixing, both the uniformity or plasticizing properties are the best, in the molding process, the general is the use of particle. Have not flammable, high strength, excellent resistance to climate variability and geometric stability in requirements, and the oxidizing agent, reducing agent and strong acid resistance and other special requirements, PVC COMPOUND must be prepared to meet the above properties of particles, particle state PVC to COMPOUND.

PVC COMPOUND is divided into SOFT, PVC, COMPOUND (soft polyvinyl chloride mixture) and RIGID, PVC, COMPOUND (rigid polyvinyl chloride mixture) two major categories, the main difference between the two is the use of plasticizers and the number of different. SOFT, PVC, COMPOUND must cause particles to be used, and the corresponding processing temperature is relatively low. RIGID PVC COMPOUND is widely used as engineering plastics. When the RIGID PVC COMPOUND is not used at all, we call it "UPVC."

Speaking strictly PVC COMPOUND material should be PVC alloy material, is the most commonly used PVC/ABS, PVC/ASA, PVC/PMMA and other alloy materials, Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic is the leader PVC COMPOUND modified formulation technology.Professional and technical service team can provide one-stop system solution for customers. For more information about products, please visit our website: www.lcpvc.com, consult online customer service or call the hotline:+86 13819043377 Fixed line: 0573-88618323 mailbox: sales@lcpvc.info, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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