The Importance Of Plastic In Our Daily Life

Most modern plastics are based on organic chemicals which offer a huge range of physical properties to manufacturers - the range of formulations is a vast and still growing. Now you are probably wearing plastic right now - maybe a polyester/cotton mix garment or even spectacles or a watch with plastic components.


The versatility of plastic materials comes from the ability to mold, laminate or shape them in mans life.Almost the plastic now is suitable for any application in our life. Plastics do not corrode, though they can degrade in UV (a component of sunlight) and can be affected by solvents - for example, PVC plastic is soluble in acetone.

However, because many plastics are so durable and do not corrode, they create considerable disposal problems. They may not good at resloving in the land once they were abandon.Nowadays,you will get the plastic bag when you finished shopping on any market for the convenience of carrying.

We are getting wiser, though, and now many plastics can be chemically, mechanically or thermally recycled.


There is a huge percentage of plastic in your home ,your school and also your office.And even the road now you are standing on.

Take a look in the kitchen - you may have plastic chair ,plastic desk,plastic plate and also the others.You are surrounding in the plastic goods.


Here we just show you a small sample of the using of plastics beside us, and it is clear that modern life now we have would very different without them. Howev

er, there are also many challenges ahead.

Because many plastics are based ultimately on crude oil, there is a continuous rise in the cost of raw materials and this increasing cost is something that chemical engineers are trying to work around. We now have biofuel for automobiles and the feedstock for that fuel grows on the land. As this production increases so 'sustainable' feedstock for the plastic industry will become more widely available.

The issue of environmental persistence is the other area where plastics are challenged. We do need to solve the disposal issue and that is being actively addressed through materials research, recycling policies and enhanced public awareness.

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