The Reasons Of PVC Edge Banding Easy To Caused Three Quality Problems

PVC edge banding with polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, the machine pressed into wood, heart, plain, double color series plastic edge. With heat resistance, oil resistance and strength, hardness and bending characteristics of high; its surface properties, abrasion resistance, can be sharpened; the surface is good, its patterns and color can be close to the log of natural wood color, also can have other color patterns; the bottom surface treatment or coating after anilox processing by PVC edge bonding effect is also very good. Its specifications: thickness of 0.2-3mm, width of 19-50mm, length of 1000mm a roll. PVC edge banding thickness in 2mm above have certain stress, use must improve the temperature of heating and softening or adhesive, or because the stress is not strong and paste to fall off. Industry experts, PVC edge banding be prone to lack of stability, foaming, aging and other issues.

There are several reasons for the lack of thermal stability of PVC edge banding strip.

1.heat stabilizer unqualified or improper choice;

2.the amount of heat stabilizer is insufficient;

3.the setting of processing temperature is unreasonable, mainly the temperature is too high;

4.the screw speed of the extruder is too fast;

5.the internal and external lubrication of formula system or unreasonable dosage;

6.the stability of main raw materials such as PVC itself is insufficient. In addition, the reasonable mixing processing conditions will greatly reduce the influence of volatile components in raw materials.

The analysis of PVC furniture edge banding caused blister.

1. part of the raw material is damp, containing volatile substances will cause PVC edge banding in the extrusion process will bubble

2. lack of thermal stability leads to decomposition and foaming of PVC.

Main reasons for aging of furniture edge banding:

In the light of PVC edge of exposure to natural weathering conditions the aging period is longer, therefore, in order to quickly evaluate and predict the aging performance of PVC light material, it is necessary to establish the artificial accelerated ultraviolet aging simulation experiment system, in order to obtain the experimental results in a relatively short period of time, to evaluate and provide basic data and theoretical basis to predict PVC edge a surface light aging resistance.

The temperature is always accompanied by the whole cycle of the experiment, whether it is exposed to natural weathering or accelerated by artificial ultraviolet light. The surface temperature of PVC with different colors can reach up to 70℃ under illumination. The parameters of PVC banding strip changed at 80 hours after heating for 168 hours, and the change degree was larger at 60℃ and 80℃.

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