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PVC edge banding, the main raw material for polyvinyl chloride, adding various additives, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, dyes, after mixing and pressing the thermoplastic sheet. It has the wood sense of reality and three-dimensional, a certain degree of finish and decoration, and has a certain degree of heat resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in furniture edge banding.

Common problems of PVC edge banding

Trimming whitish phenomenon

In the process of using edge band, sometimes it will be found that whitening phenomenon when trimming edge is normal, which is usually caused by manual edge banding machine or semi-automatic edge banding machine, because they are not like fully automatic Equipment that has a polishing function. Edge sealing process, if the thickness of 0.6MM below the edge of the edge of a soft, stretch, deformation, or can not stand the phenomenon of high temperature, because the edge speed is too slow, hot melt melt after the retention time is too long, you can Speed up the edge speed, speed conveyor speed, adjust the amount of glue to improve the reference speed of 8M / min or more, if the double-sided adhesive edge banding machine, this phenomenon generally occurs less.

It can not be sealed

In the use of edge banding process, often see such a situation, edge banding can not be sealed phenomenon. This time check whether the temperature is normal, edge speed is too slow, the use of ambient temperature is already below 8 degrees. If the glue line is too heavy, or has the phenomenon of excessive glue drawing, please adjust the speed of edge banding machine, the hot melt adhesive temperature has not been improved after adjustment, then replace the appropriate model.

PVC edge banding material itself disadvantages

Lack of stability

PVC edge banding thickness of more than 2mm has a certain stress, the use must be heated to soften or improve the binder temperature, otherwise it will be due to stress paste is not firmly off their own. Industry experts, PVC edge banding prone to lack of stability problems.

The lack of stability of PVC edge banding. One, furniture PVC edge banding heat stabilizer unqualified or improper choice, or heat stabilizer dosage is insufficient. Two, the setting of processing temperature is unreasonable, mainly the temperature is too high. Three, the screw speed of the extruder is too fast. Four, the internal or external lubrication of formula system or unreasonable dosage.

Problems of light aging resistance

Generally speaking, reasonable mixing processing conditions will greatly reduce the influence of volatile components in raw materials. In order to quickly evaluate and predict the light aging properties of PVC materials, it is necessary to establish artificial accelerated UV aging simulation experiment system. Because of the long aging period of PVC banding strips under natural exposure conditions, it is beneficial to obtain the experimental results in a short period of time, which provides the theoretical basis and basic data for evaluating and predicting the light aging resistance of PVC edge banding strips.

The temperature is always accompanied by the whole cycle of the experiment, whether it is exposed to natural weathering or accelerated by artificial ultraviolet light. The surface temperature of PVC with different colors can reach up to 70 OC under illumination. The parameters of PVC banding strip changed at 80 hours after heating for 168 hours, and the change degree was larger at 60℃ and 80℃.

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