Process of PVC steel wire transparent hose

PVC transparent plastic hose, PVC plastic hose, PVC steel wire transparent hose has the advantages of high pressure, tension resistance, oil, acid and alkali resistance and good transparency, PVC transparent hose wire is widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, machinery, petroleum chemical industry pump, can transport a variety of liquid and gas.

1.The forming principle of PVC steel wire transparent hose

PVC plastic hose refers to the PVC, glass fiber, metal wire and other back like fabric as the middle layer of the hose to play an enhanced role. The key to its forming is the reticulation of the fabric, which can be divided into the inside of the mold and the outside of the mold. At present, most of the foreign mold around the weave, this method can be an ideal production of PVC transparent hose wire.

Process of transparent hose for PVC steel wire

Mixing material - granulating - No.1 extruder extruding the lining tube billet - cooling - weaving - No.2 extruder extruding the outer covering - cooling - traction - illumination testing - coiling, - packaging - finished products.

2.PVC steel wire transparent hose forming equipment and device design

PVC transparent hose wire forming equipment, by the main extruder, auxiliary extruder, deputy head, air cooling device, a device and a traction, light test, coiling device.

Provide the main and auxiliary extruder

The specifications of PVC steel transparent hose are generally different fromΦ12- Φ50mm, so we can use 45mm extruder, and the diameter of the random screw is L/D=20, which is divided into four stages heating, stepless speed regulation, and the center height of the two machines is 100mm.


The design of the head depends on the size of the transparent hose of PVC steel wire. The design is reasonable or not directly affects the forming quality of the pipe.

- wrap device

The weft shuttle and turn around a fixed axis, based on the enhanced indexes, can design one or more groups around the fabric device, each device can be designed around the fabric, a left weft and a plurality of diameters, are respectively arranged on both ends of the fixed axis around the shuttle, with each turn into 1~5 bobbin thread roll frame can shuttle, when the drive shaft drives the spindle rotates around the bobbin, on-line is wound on the continuous extrusion of PVC steel wire hose tube wall transparent, according to the density of tube extrusion speed and required weaving, to determine how much speed spindle and bobbin winding. Is usually crowded with 1-2 each turn edge core roll that can play a significant effect. The meridian is through the meridian holes on the fixed axis without rotation.

Cooling wind ring

PVC steel is often transparent hose with water cooling, but considering the hose from die I out soon to enter the die II coated outer plastic tube, therefore can not use water cooling die I extrusion, and with the wind ring cooling tube, otherwise, the water will produce air bubbles affect the product quality, air ring cooling, the air flow control in Q =1500m3/hr, the adoption of the double air ring.

Traction device

The traction device is just like the traction of the ordinary hose. In order to ensure the regularity of the PVC steel transparent hose mesh fabric, it can also link the traction and the machine with the weaving machine.

Light detection and reeling device

Light detection box is used to test PVC steel transparent hose wall thickness uniformity and a rule degree, with a 60 watt fluorescent lamp with glass box, the rolling device adopts a friction clutch keep winding tension.

The PVC steel transparent hose produced by this method is stable and reliable, and the production cost is greatly reduced. The price is only about 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the rubber tube, and its performance in transparency, oil resistance, flame retardancy, weight and life is much better than that of the rubber tube. Therefore, it has the promotion value in the actual production.

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