Operation Regulation for Extrusion Production of PVC Pipe

First, before the start of maintenance personnel on the host operating units, the main components of a comprehensive overhaul.

1, check the main gear box, reducer throttle is normal;

2, check the host and electrical parts of the work is normal, and check whether the drainage is open, compressed air pressure is normal;

3. Check whether the main engine hood is clean;

4, check the screw cooling circuit is unblocked;

5. Check the sensitivity of all operation switches and whether the governor is zero, whether the emergency stop is homing or not;

6, the mold worker is responsible for the replacement of the mold, and the mold head heating circle for careful inspection, confirm the normal before the operator can use.

Second, according to the requirements of the production mold head, shaping sleeve and cooling box sealing gasket at both ends, and adjust the height of the stent in the water tank and the height of the setting sleeve is basically the same.

Third, operators determine the host after normal, according to the following steps to boot.

1, open the main power switch, open the extruder screw oil pump and water valve. Determine the appropriate mold, nozzle smoothly without clogging, support wheel height is appropriate, vacuum glue can block the vacuum, traction machine moderate pressure, cutting machine block, feed appropriate, expansion machine normal.

2. Connect the extruder heating power switch, set the heating section temperature, screw temperature is 70 degrees, the rest of each section is 130 degrees (Note: small mold heating 1 hours, large mold heating 1.5 hours)

3, when the temperature reaches the above set value, the temperature of each heating section reaches 150 degrees, and the new replacement mold should be tightened again.

4, when the heating section reaches 150 degrees centigrade, the temperature is set to 5-10 minutes lower than the required temperature, and the temperature of each section can not be lower than 150 degrees centigrade. (heating for 0.5 hours)

5, start double screw, and slowly and evenly start adding cleaning material. The screw speed at 0-5r/min load can not exceed 30%, and the oil pump temperature is set to 90

6, according to the temperature display data and humidity according to the location of material arrival and gradually increase the speed. At the same time, increase the speed of the host current changes observed, such as the current stability can continue to feed, such as continuous rise, slow down feeding, until the current is stable after feeding.

7. Determine the cleanliness of the cylinder and die by the inner and outer surface of the cleaning material. When the cleaning material is clean, the temperature has reached the production value, stop cleaning material, open the feeding system, control torque at 40% (normal production current value of about 40%) to adjust the feeding speed.

8. Until the material flow out of the die, adjust the screw until the thickness is uniform. (Note: the material out of the die should be broken immediately, not too long or piled into a mass)

9, when the material is extruded by hand to open, ready for the tractor, extruder, vacuum pump starting, normal value to.

10. When the material enters the vacuum setting cylinder, start the pump immediately and adjust the traction speed to the normal state.

11, when the pipe has been through the vacuum tank, the upper tractor, open a large amount of water, open the vacuum box vacuum pump, adjust the vacuum value of about 0.4par.

12, when the circular pipe through the cutting machine, the machine can be opened to the automatic state.

13.Determine the tube production, wall thickness, observe the inner and outer surface quality, adjust the corresponding parameters, when the production of qualified products to the tractor, put the printer start printing.

Fourth,Stop program

1, after the department heads issued downtime instructions, parking work can be carried out.

2, ready to shut down material, the fan cooling section temperature is set to 130 degrees, the rest of each paragraph is 150 degrees

3, stop the extruder hopper feeding, slow speed down to 8r/min

4. Vacuum the main engine and evenly clean the material.

5, when the machine cleaning materials all out die, die temperature are less than 160, the machine cleaning materials all over the barrel, the speed dropped to 5-10r/min, when the die is basically not a material closed double screw.

6. Turn off all the heaters and close the printer.

7. Shut down the power supply of the downstream equipment.

8. Turn off the main power supply, turn off the extruder water valve, vacuum setting cylinder water valve.

9, cleaning machine, do a good job of machine sanitation and ground sanitation.

Fifth,Emergency shutdown procedures

1, find water, stand, parking safety procedure

2, the blackout (20 minutes), when the power failure is detected, the power should be cut off immediately, cut off the head of the material, according to the mould stripping disassembly procedures, and close the valve. When the short interruption occurs, it should be processed according to the normal startup procedure.

Sixth, operation points

1, the operator should be familiar with the emergency stop button and the work process of the post, once the emergency situation can be dealt with.

2, every time you start with artificial Qing machine, and cover the lid after the extruder outlet should be observed without material adhesion in the above, such as application of wood or plastic tools completely clean.

3, the distance between the sizing sleeve and the die head can not be too close (125px~250px).

4, the normal boot, should pay attention to the extruder load (current), can not make the load data rising too fast, should gradually increase the speed of double screw and manual feeding speed.

5, the normal parking should pay attention to the extruder load can not exceed the normal value.

6, the pipe in the cooling vacuum want to traction machine, the upper surface can not have water droplets into the phenomenon of water, should be clean and waterless.

7, each cutting should remove spray head, determination of length of application of steel tape measure.

8. Fill in the extrusion process parameter record according to the process control index of this position.

Seventh. Roving inspection

The feeding system - extruder sizing box - Printer - tractor - cutting machine - expanding machine

1, the inspection time should be every 15 minutes / each time, weighing once the weight of the product, and fill in "product weighing record table".

2, inspection content

1) feeding machine barrel whether there is material, feeding machine is normal work.

2) look at the extruder gearbox, the feed reducer and screw oil level is normal, the transmission cooling water, vacuum pump water circulation, and promptly clean the water inlet strainer.

3) view the host temperature is abnormal, the speed and current host, feeding speed and current, pressure and melt melt temperature is normal.

4) check whether the host vacuum is normal, generally between 0.04 - 0.06MPa.

5) inspect the barrel, whether the die heating line is damaged or not, and observe whether the discharge of the die is smooth.

6) to see whether the sizing box vacuum is normal, below 200 is generally between 0.02 - 0.04, more than 200 in 0.04 - 0.06MPa, see whether the water level of the fixed box is normal, the water pressure is normal, every class to clean the water strainer.

7) see if the inkjet printer is working properly, whether the font size is appropriate, whether the handwriting is missing or not, whether the ink and solvent are missing.

8) check the traction motor reducer oil level is normal, the pressure is normal, the claw is normal, step up the pipe, whether or not deformation deviation.

9) to see whether the cutting machine alarm, hydraulic oil is missing, and every hour cleaning sawdust once, see whether the cutting saw belt loose, feed back tool screw loose or not, clean the motor terminal box box sawdust.

10) measure pipe wall thickness, outer diameter and length, and record. It is found that the side wall, the thickness is not accurate, the length and the outer diameter are not allowed to be reported and modified in time.

11) check whether the pipe surface is smooth, with or without dents, and timely find, report and deal with.

12) observe the hydraulic oil of the expanding machine, whether the water electricity is normal or not. Attention should be paid to feeding, heating, bracket translation, positive pull and reverse pulling, expanding die advance and retreat is normal work.

13) check whether the photoelectric switches are in the normal working position and working state.

14) whether or not the expansion of the pipe after the expansion is good or not.

15) pipe storage, reduce scratches, hit. Each position should be dedicated to the patrol, timely find fault, have the ability to deal with the timely processing, when not sure, timely reporting of the squad leader processing, not in case of unauthorized handling. If the post has been found or reported for a long time, after the discovery of warning individuals, downtime or equipment damage should be investigated to individuals.

Eighth, safety precautions

1, equipment failure occurs, affecting the safety of production, the operation must immediately stop running, if the equipment failure has not been ruled out, can not restart.

2, operators must wear labor protection supplies, hair can not shoulder, in order to ensure personal, equipment safety.

3, equipment protection device can not be removed or idle free.

4, operators can not stand in the mold head or extruder beside heating or baking other goods.

5, the operator when the mold, the body can not be on the extruder outlet.

6, when cleaning the printer, the spray liquid can not aim at the person to eject.

7, strict control of the various technical indicators, to ensure the smooth progress of production safety.

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