Influence of plasticizing degree of PVC on mechanical properties Test purpose

1. calcium carbonate as PVC part to study its effect on plasticizing, mechanical properties;

2. by plasticizing time on the plasticizing degree of influence, to study its effect on mechanical properties.

Experimental content

  1. formula: PVC:100phr, stabilizer:4.5phr, titanium:4phr ACR:1phr,Caco3:0/5/10/20/30phr

  1. formula: PVC:100phr, stabilizer:4.5phr, titanium:4phr ACR:1phr,Caco3:0/5/10phr

Experimental conclusion

  1. Through above experiment learn about that completely plasticized PVC performance is not the best, but in a small amount of calcium carbonate is plasticized material drop impact performance of the best, with the plasticizing rate continued to decline, the drop impact performance also decreased, the filling amount reached 20phr or more, faster drop hammer impact performance decline.

  2. rolling time determines the degree of plasticization, obtained from the test, 5 minutes after the plasticizing rate unchanged, so the drop impact performance of the product is basically unchanged, drop impact rolling 4 minutes performance of the best products, adding calcium carbonate with 5phr of the effect of adding calcium carbonate is plasticizing effect of 4 minutes. 10phr the effect of calcium carbonate with 0phr calcium carbonate 5 minutes is same plasticizing.

Plasticizing degree has a certain impact on the products drop impact performance, but it can not determine the mechanical properties of products best plasticizing point

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