How to Solve the Bending Deformation of PVC Profile?

PVC bending deformation is a common problem in the extrusion process, the main reasons are: Die material uneven; cooling, cooling material is not sufficient, after sllrinkage inconsistent equipment and other factors.

It is suggested to be solved in the following aspects:

(1)Please ensure the concentricity and level of the extruder, and adjust the concentricity and level of extruders, dies, moulds and water tanks when changing moulds every time.

(2)The boot carefully before the assembly die, the clearance of each part, if the boot die material were not found, on the basis of the parison bending deformation direction, the corresponding adjustment of die temperature to ensure the die homogeneity, such as adjusting the die temperature is invalid, may be appropriate to improve the material plasticizing degree.

(3) adjust the cooling system of the mold and increase the cooling water on the side of the tensile stress.

(4) adjusting the center of the machine by adjusting the center of the machine, adjusting the location bolts in the middle part of the mould according to the production while adjusting the direction according to the bending direction of the section.

Close attention to the quality of the mold work, pay attention to the maintenance of the mold, according to the actual situation at any time to the mold maintenance.


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