Defects and solutions of transparent plastic parts

1, by filling and crazing: condensation process, influence of stress anisotropy, stress perpendicular to the direction of the resin flow on the orientation, and different refractive index and non flow orientation and flash silk pattern, when the expansion, it is possible to make the product appear crack. In addition to attention in the injection molding process and mold, the best products for annealing; such as PC material can be heated to 160 DEG above 3-5 minutes, natural cooling can be.

2, bubbles: the water vapor and other gases in the resin can not be discharged, and in the process of mold condensation, or because of insufficient filling, the condensing surface is quickly condensed to form "vacuum bubble". The way to overcome it is to see the table below.

3, the surface gloss is bad: because the mold roughness is large, on the other hand, the condensation is too early, so that the resin can not copy the state of the mold surface, all of which make the surface appear tiny and uneven, and make the product lose its luster. The way to overcome it is to see the table below.

4, stripe: is the dense corrugation formed from the gate. The reason is that the viscosity of the melt is too large, the front part has been condensed in the cavity, and then the material is broken through the condensing surface, which makes the surface appear stripe. The way to overcome it is to see the table below.

5, white fog, halo: mainly due to raw materials or raw materials containing dust falling caused by too much water in the air. The way to overcome it is to see the table below.

6, white smoke, black spot: mainly because of the plastic in the barrel, because of the local overheating of the machine cylinder resin decomposition or deterioration formed.

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