What are the points to be aware of when producing pvc shrink film?

June 5, 2019


What are the points to be aware of when producing pvc shrink film?

The shrink film produced by the pvc shrink film manufacturer has the characteristics of good transparency, good toughness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and low water vapor transmission rate. When the film is subjected to a certain temperature, it shrinks automatically and tightly wraps the goods, thereby achieving the function of protecting the goods, and also functions of moisture proof, mildew proof, rust prevention, pollution prevention, damage prevention and theft prevention.


The product has good storage and transportation stability, and the packaging process and equipment are relatively simple, which is convenient for automatic shrink packaging. When producing shrink film, pvc shrink film manufacturers need to pay attention to the following five items:


1. The die must be cleaned, and no charred plastic can fall into it. If it can be found by the naked eye, it must be removed immediately.


2, the paper tube must be aligned, not one side long and short.


3, when packing, pay attention to avoid collisions, leading to quality problems such as edge cracking.


4. Minimize the appearance of surface wrinkles and white compact lines in the middle to avoid affecting the appearance.


5, the edge material should be cut neatly, the kind of cut stretch film can not be shipped as a finished product.

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