What are the different design requirements for PVC pipes&fittings in drainage and water supply s

What are the different design requirements for PVC pipes&fittings in drainage and water supply systems ?

PVC pipe & fitting mainly include PVC drainage pipe&fitting, PVC water supply pressure pipe&fitting, PVC electrical casings, etc. Of course, there are also new materials such as PVC-M pipes, PVC-O pipes, etc. Our daily use is basically PVC drainage pipe&fitting and PVC water supply pressure pipe&fitting. So what are the differences between the two types of pipe&fitting in terms of use and advantages? Let us introduce them today.

PVC water supply pipe&fitting is used to supply drinking water for drinking. Compared with the requirements of the drainage pipe&fitting, it is higher than the requirements of the drainage pipe&fitting. In addition to the requirements of physical properties, such as the material generally requires PVC new material, and requires environmental protection, that is, it will not be stored in the pipe. It is vital that the water in the water releases harmful substances. PVC water supply pipes are also partially used for farmland irrigation. The biggest difference from the drainage pipes is that they need to withstand the pressure. If the water supply project still needs health indicators, non-toxic and pollution-free detection indicators. At present, the market share of PVC water supply pipes is shrinking, and it is replaced by PE pipes with superior quality performance.

PVC water supply pipe &fitting advantages: 1. Light weight, convenient for handling and loading: low density, convenient for handling, loading and unloading and construction. 2. Excellent corrosion resistance: It has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for the chemical industry. 3. The fluid resistance is small: the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, the roughness coefficient is only 0.009, and the fluid resistance is small, which effectively improves the hydraulic condition of the pipe network and reduces the operating cost of the system. 4. High mechanical strength: The pipe has good pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength. 5. Simple construction: Pipeline connection construction is quick and easy, and construction engineering costs are low. 6. Low cost: low price, convenient transportation and construction, long service life, so the overall cost is low. 7, does not affect the water quality: confirmed by the dissolution test does not affect the water quality, suitable for large-scale promotion and application.

PVC drainage pipe&fitting is mainly used for drainage, rainwater, community drainage, etc. on real estate projects. There is no pressure and sanitary index requirement for the pipe itself. The quality of the pipe is mainly related to toughness and stretching.

Advantages of PVC drain pipe: 1. The surface hardness and tensile strength of the pipe are excellent, and the safety factor of the pipe is high. 2, good anti-aging, normal service life of up to 50 years. 3. The pipeline has excellent corrosion resistance to inorganic acids, alkalis and salts, and is suitable for industrial sewage discharge and transportation. 4. The friction coefficient of the pipeline is small, the water flow is smooth, it is not easy to block, and the maintenance workload is small. 5. The material has a high oxygen index and is self-extinguishing. 6. The coefficient of expansion of the pipeline is small, 0.07mm/°C, the deformation amount is small due to temperature, the thermal conductivity and the elastic modulus are small, and the anti-freezing performance is superior to that of the cast iron drain pipe. 7. Pipe and pipe joints can be bonded, the construction method is simple, the operation is convenient, and the installation work efficiency is high.

In summary, PVC water supply pipes&fittings and PVC drainage pipes &fittings are subject to different pressures, different quality requirements, pressure on water supply, thick wall thickness, no pressure on drainage, thin wall thickness, and other technical indicators are also low.

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