Research of transparent PVC compound/granule/pellet production and formulation

Research of transparent PVC compound/granule/pellet production and formulation

1 Introduction

The large-scale production of transparent compound/granule/pellet began in the early 1990s, and the production of transparent compound/granule/pellet in China began in the late 1980s. At present, there are large-scale development manufacturers mainly concentrated in the Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Guangzhou-Shenzhen area. Transparent compound/granule/pellet are mainly used in the production of edible oil bottles - mineral water Bottles - cosmetic bottles - profiles and other aspects. Since the transparent compound/granule/pellet are hard, direct processing is very difficult, and in order to produce pvc compound/granule/pellet that satisfy the hygienic-transparency-impact resistance-processing suitability, it is necessary to add various additives. Therefore, the production formula of transparent pvc compound/granule/pellet is particularly complicated, and the production formula is the key to the production of transparent pvc compound/granule/pellet.

2. Production of components in the formula

2.1 Polyvinyl chloride resin is the main component in the production of transparent pvc compound/granule/pellet, accounting for 80-85%.

2.2 Processing improver Plastic processing is difficult, in order to improve the processing properties of hard plastics, processing aids must be added. After the processing aid is added, the processing temperature of the product can be increased, and the opportunity for the melt to be thermally decomposed can be reduced.

2.3 heat stabilizer The processing temperature of PVC is very close to its decomposition temperature, and its thermal stability is poor. In order to improve its thermal stability, a heat stabilizer must be added. The determination of the heat stabilizer system and dosage is the key to the formulation of transparent pvc compound/granule/pellet and a difficult point in the formulation system.

2.4 lubricant The main function is to reduce the friction between the internal molecules of the plastic during the processing and between the plastic and the processing equipment, thereby improving the fluidity of the resin and improving the transparency and smoothness of the product. According to the action mechanism of the lubricant, it can be divided into an internal slip agent and an external slip agent. The internal slip agent generally has good compatibility with the friction during the intermolecular processing. The external slip agent has only limited compatibility and is free between the particles, reducing the friction between the molecules and the processing equipment.

2.5 colorants

2.6 Other additives In order to produce high quality, good transparency, good heat resistance, high strength, good flow properties, odorless and low consumption, transparent pvc compound/granule/pellet are often added with other additives such as fluorescent whitening agents, auxiliary heat stabilizers and Some other modifiers.

3. Formula

The production of transparent pvc compound/granule/pellet is a difficult processing technology. The formulation requirements are scientific and precise. There are many kinds of additives used, and the mutual influence is also large. The products produced must have high strength, good heat resistance, high transparency, etc. A series of requirements. After a lot of experiments, with the help of a large number of books, through the test of production practice, the following formulas are considered to be more practical: Recipe 1. Water bottle Pvc (SG-7) 100 parts MBS impact modifier 5-9 parts Calcium and zinc stabilizer 4-6 parts Processing aid 0-3 parts Internal and external slip agent 1-4 parts Auxiliary heat stabilizer 6-10 parts Fluorescent whitening agent a little color Other amount Formula 2 for oil bottles Pvc (SG-7) 100 parts Impact modifier 10-16 parts Organotin stabilizer 2-5 parts Processing aid 0-3 parts Internal and external slip agent 0-4 parts Auxiliary heat stabilizer 1-3 parts a little color Other amount

4 Conclusion The production of PVC transparent compound/granule/pellet is a complex and highly technical plastics processing process. 'There are many types of additives involved in the formulation (up to 15), and the various additives will interact with each other. The recipe is extremely complicated. Due to the different types of equipment and the selected pigment composition, the processing conditions are different, and there is no constant standard formula. Therefore, we have established a formula series according to the different requirements of different users to meet the requirements of users to the utmost, and in order to reduce the cost of formula, the amount of various additives must be appropriate, pay attention to the mutual matching between additives, additives Localization is achieved as much as possible, so that high-quality and low-consumption PVC transparent compound/granule/pellet can be produced.

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