Causes and treatment of black spots in injection molding products

Causes and treatment of black spots in injection molding products What is the black spot in the injection molding machine? The black spots on the injection molding machine will degrade the overall quality of the product, so it is very important to find the black spot of the injection molding product. Possible reasons for black spots on the product: 1. There is a coke on the surface of the screw 2, the barrel and auxiliary machine (suction machine) is not clean 3. The temperature is too high, the back pressure of the melt rubber is too large, and the overheated part of the plastic is attached to the inner wall of the melted rubber tube. 4, the raw materials are not clean, there are some impurities in the inside, plastic mixed with debris, paper scraps, etc. 5, anti-reverse ring, thrust ring, screw head, front barrel, etc. are dirty or corroded 6, flanges, nozzles have charred materials, no timely cleaning In the case of knowing the black spots of the product, find the corresponding control method: 1. Check the hopper for dust-free polishing barrel and cleaning auxiliary machine 2, check whether it is dirty or corroded; clean and polish or replace 3. Check the raw materials for impurities; replace the raw materials 4. Check the screw: clean and polish the screw 5, check the flange, nozzle; clean and polish or replace 6, check the temperature settings of each section; cool down, reduce back pressure 7. Thorough air shooting, remove the melt cylinder to clean, reduce the plastic temperature, shorten the heating time, and strengthen the plastic drying process. Handling the black spot problem of injection molding machine products can be more beautiful and more competitive.

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